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PGI Trading Features

*Trading 7 Days A Week
*200% ROI at Contract Maturity 
*Rate at 0.50% to 3.0% Daily
*6% to 12% Direct Referral Bonus
*8% to 10% Unlimited Binary Program
*Rank Advancement Rewards
*Lifestyle Incentives 
*$100 (min) to $500K+ Packages 
*Bitcoin In / Bitcoin Out



Born in the Philippines, raised in America, and living for over 43 years. A family man and a professional Multi-Level Marketer for over 16 years. He has managed and performed with the highest degree of success. 

Former President and Co-Founder of Ai Trades Global and President and CEO of Ai Trades Philippines Inc.

RV has been instrumental to the success of multiple product based, international companies, including First Quadrant International Inc., FKC, Life Vantage, FG Express, Atomy & a multi billion dollar company, Jeunesse International. 

RV’s extensive involvement with numerous Cryptocurrency based companies made him one of the pioneers of the Cryptocurrency world. His leadership in the industry have made him the best fit to lead the first and only Cryptocurrency Management Company in the world with a product. Cryptocurrency ATM’s are the way of the future.

Giving Back Community Program

5% of the PGI profit goes to the Giving Back community Program

An opportunity to unite teams and help those less fortunate. PGI provides customizable program to either support a charity of your team’s choice in each country or we source other appropriate options for you.

This program allows PGI partners to host events for a cause or chosen organizations that work to improve different facets of health and wellness, education, environment and business and to empower people for the benefit of society.


“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”